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Meet Our Team.

Meet one of our partners ...

Ashley Flamand

“If it brings goodness into the world, do not be afraid of being a first and only.”

Are you ready to create a better world with us?

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Ashley Flamand is an activist, young entrepreneur and ambassador for positive change in the world.  

Ashley is Raised in Manitoba on Treaty 1 Territory, the Métis indigenous who's passion is to fortify culture and community through sustainable business models, working together with vegan influencers and environmental activists.

In all of her activism work, Ashley keeps the focus on what we are fighting for! Her positive perspective brings ease to conversations around polarizing topics like climate change, Human and Animal Rights.

Since launching her social enterprise in 2021, the 28-year-old Indigenous Entrepreneur has made it a mission to promote  the welfare of all animals and lending a voice to them. She believes the way to a better world is through a plant-based diet. Ashley is hoping others follow her footsteps and pursue their dreams.

“Take advantage of every opportunity you can,” she said. “For young Indigenous people, there’s tons of opportunities for us.”

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